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Barnsley ballerina dances Bolshoi

Ballet Barnsley - Fearons Middleton

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Meet Barnsley ballerina Tala Lee-Turton, who’s off to study with the Bolshoi Ballet, thanks to generous donations from family and friends.

Tala dances on Bolshoi stage

Tala Ballet - Fearons Middleton

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A Barnsley ballerina has achieved her dream of performing on the world famous Bolshoi Ballet Theatre stage.
Tala Lee Turton is only the ninth British dancer to be given a place at the prestigious Bolshoi Ballet Academy.

Now three years into her four-year placement, the 19-year-old has earned the privilege of performing at the internationally-famed Bolshoi Theatre.

She said: “It was incredible. Finding my name on the back of the dressing room door was a dream come true.

The teenager has lived and breathed ballet since she was a youngster and her ambitions to be the best have meant sacrifices and following a strict regime.



At the academy her weekly timetable is made up of classes in gymnastics, character, historical dance, make-up, modern dance, acting, repertoire and pointe work – the act of standing on the tips of the toes.

Also slotted in are Russian language and other academic classes.

“Ballet is such a perfectionist world,” Tala said.

“You’re constantly criticised for the way you look. Teachers look at you objectively and tell you you need to lose this muscle, or slim down, so you have to be thick-skinned.

“There is so much training involved and I don’t think a lot of people realise how much repetition there is.

“You are hammering something out in the studio for a long time before it looks beautiful on stage.”



Tala’s dancing dedication has led to experiencing moments she never imagined.

One highlight was watching her favourite dancer, prima ballerina Evgenia Obratsova, performing in the prestigious gala Ballet Stars of the 21st Century.

She has also trained with teachers from the best ballet companies worldwide such as the New York City Ballet and the English National Ballet.

Currently back home in Barnsley on her summer break, Tala is hoping to inspire other young dancers by holding a series of master classes at her first dance school, Fearons Middleton School of Dance in Barnsley.

She said: “I owe a lot to my old teachers Miss Catherine and Miss Hayley who set me off on this wonderful journey so many years ago.

When she returns to the academy in September, Tala will begin her final year before becoming the third female British ballerina to graduate.



Much of her fourth year will be spent travelling across Europe for auditions in the hope of joining a ballet company.

“I’d love to join one of the big companies like the Royal Ballet or the Dutch National but it’s tough and if you get in you have to work your way through the ranks, so I’d be just as happy to get in with a smaller company.”

Her ultimate dream is to dance the role of Odette in the ballet classic Swan Lake.

“That is the holy grail for any ballerina.”

She added: “I’ve fought my way to the Bolshoi so I’m going to continue fighting to pursue my dreams.”

The Royal Albert Hall – WOW

Royal Albert Hall - Fearons Middleton

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Dancing at the Royal Albert Hall

This Year 6 Self Made Blog chronicles a wonderful Life Experience. Cricket at Lord’s, Football at Wembley or Tennis at Wimbledon all may only match dancing at the Royal Albert Hall! As a member of Fearons Middleton School of Dance, the group beat more than 1000 applicants to take part in the Dance Proms 2015. On this blog, look out for their Coach Journey Boredom, delayed Hotel Rooms, Sweets too but most of all the glimpse of that magical stage! A great experience and a wonderful self-edited video.

Lundwood Dancer in Competition

Kids Dancing - Barnsley

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A TEN-YEAR-OLD Lundwood dancer beat off hundreds of students to win a place at one of the UK’s top performing arts schools.

Sophie Richardson danced her way to a boarding place at the prestigious Tring Park School for Performing Arts in Hertfordshire.

Past students include Tala Lee-Turton, the Barnsley ballerina who joined the elite Bolshoi Ballet Academy, and Ella Henderson, X Factor finalist.

Sophie’s mum, Jackie, said: “She was offered a boarding place but regrettably not a school scholarship. The panel recommended Sophie for the theatre arts course rather than just dance as she is fantastic as an ‘all-rounder’.”

Sophie has been training as a dancer since the age of three and attends Fearons Middleton School of Dance in Cudworth.

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Dancing Class Barnsley

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